9 Reasons Why French Women Are Some of the Most Beautiful In the World

9 Reasons Why French Women Are Some of the Most Beautiful In the World

Paris might be the city of love, but there’s surely a link there to the beauty of French people as a whole.

beautiful french woman

The women especially are renowned for their looks – although it doesn’t necessarily come naturally. There are some “tricks of the trade” that French ladies abide by which permanently keeps them at the top of their game.

Here, we’ll take a look at some of these rules and show how you can use them to the exact same effect.


One feature, and one feature only

When it comes to make-up, most of the French have got it down to an absolute tee – as you can notice from many french beauty websites like lecomment.fr. Most of us are used to ploughing on every cosmetic item in every possible area of our face. The French, meanwhile, will just target one area, for example they focus only on eye makeup. The rest is kept to a minimum – with the general belief being that a bare face is a seductive one.


The weather can be your worst enemy

We all crave the sun, but most of the time we go overboard. French women tend to do everything they can to combat the warm weather. They’ll avoid the hot rays whenever possible and pile on the SPF 50+ sunblock at any opportunity. Some will even take an umbrella around specifically to protect them from the sun. It means that you’ll struggle to find a French woman with dry or damaged skin.


Hands off! (your face)

This is something which could probably apply to anywhere in the world, but when it comes to the busy cities it’s a rule that’s probably doubly important. Touching your face brings nothing but germs to your skin and as we all know, germs can lead to acne or just nasty blemishes. During the day you’ll find that you touch all sorts of dirty surfaces; whether it’s on the subway, in the office or in your car. Make sure that you constantly wash your hands to rid yourself of these germs and never touch your face unless you absolutely have to.


Water isn’t necessarily pure for you

We’re all under the impression that water is completely pure and cleansing for us. The French disagree. Some women in France have stopped washing their faces with water, for the simple reason that it’s too aggressive. Instead, they use cosmetic wipes to remove make-up and turn to thermal spring water for basic washing. The process is much calmer for the skin.


Your perfume is part of your outfit

Most of us use perfume as an accessory, but this isn’t necessarily the correct thing to do. As we all know, the French are pretty much pioneers when it comes to perfume and they believe that it should complement your entire outfit. In other words, use your mood, your planned activities and your other clothes to dictate your choice of perfume for the day. It should join with all of the above to make a compelling statement about you.


Devise a list of beauty favorites

As women, it’s hardly surprising that we like to chop and change our beauty staples and attempt to better the previous one. Instead of taking this approach, the French are firm believers of the process of sticking to a winning formula. Stick with a product that works for you and keep things consistent – don’t try and get creative as it can often backfire when it comes beauty essentials.

…however, do get creative with your favorite products

The French might tell you to stick to one product, but that certainly doesn’t mean to say you should just stick to one use for this product. For example, while something might be your favorite shampoo, don’t for a moment disregard the fact it should be used for anything else. A lot of French women will use a shampoo as a facial cream or cleanser – just to make the most of its nutrients. As your skin is already accustomed and compatible with it, it’s a win-win situation.


Ditch the hairbrush

It might be controversial, but this next tip is the ditch the hairbrush – after washing your hair anyway. The basic tip is to brush before you shampoo, but let your hair dry naturally to avoid hair loss and retain its waviness. Some of the French only brush immediately before shampooing – never in between. In other words, their brush-free life could last for a couple of days.


Balance things out

Finally, always look to balance out your beauty. For example, during the summer months a lot of us like to go to town on our toes – and this is perfectly fine. However, to perhaps compensate for this, it’s worth balancing things out and keeping things neutral on your fingers. Going all out with your manicures and pedicures at the same time is just going to be too dazzling – a bit of balance never hurt anyone. Particularly a French girl.