Men’s Health – The 14 Non-Obvious Ways to Fine Tune Your Body

Men’s Health – The 14 Non-Obvious Ways to Fine Tune Your Body

It would be fair to say we’re in an absolute fitness frenzy at the moment.

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The media has put healthy living right in front of our faces, although most of the time these tips revolves around rehashed advice that focusses on diet and exercise.

Therefore, we’re looking to change this. If you’re serious about taking care of your body, and don’t want to read the normal advice, sit back and take in the following fourteen tips. Each offers something different and instead of reading about swapping white for wholegrain, you might actually take something new out of it. Here goes…


Have more sex

Let’s start with a headline grabber; having more sex can make you live longer. Guys, if you’re struggling for action, this is the perfect argument for your other half. The benefits of a sex-heavy life are bordering on the incredible, with studies showing that it should help you feel younger, lower your stress levels and even guard against cancer. It’s a win-win.


Start with the teeth

It might seem bizarre, but it’s not just dentists who are drooling about flossing. While this is obviously a wonderful suggestion from the perspective of keeping your teeth healthy, it’s also worth looking at the bigger picture. If your gums do become infected (something which can be caused by a lack of flossing), the bacteria formed can pass into your bloodstream. The result is that inflammation can be caused in the body – something that could be avoided by a two minute process every evening.


Prioritize your forty winks

This is something that’s really come to light over the last few years and while some guys might see it as fashionable to just crash out with four hours on the pillow per night, it’s certainly not good for your body. Now’s the time to say no to work (or whatever else is coming in the way of your bed) and finally give your body the rest it deserves. In relation to specifics, the experts believe that between seven and eight hours every night is sufficient for a healthy man.

Research has also shown that if you can’t get this amount, you’re really hindering your brain. Sleep is used by the brain to flush out toxins, which tend to impair our brain’s function overtime. Therefore, if you are cramming in the hours for work purposes, it might actually be counterproductive when it comes to 9am the next morning.


Switch off with meditation

Meditation is a bit like Marmite – some of us love it, the rest of us just don’t get what it’s about and see it as a fad. However, recent research suggests that it might not be some sort of made-up way to look after your body after all. Just 10-20 minutes of meditation has been linked to lower blood pressure, better sleep (see the previous tip) and lower stress levels. It’s a way to disconnect from the rigors of your day-to-day lifestyle and for most of us, this isn’t bad at all.


Keep the good bacteria

A lot of the health experts speak about all of the bad bacteria, and rightly so. However, it’s also worth remembering all of the good bacteria that swirls around your gut. This is something that can easily be accomplished by consuming probiotics.

The power of this should not be understated, particularly when we delve into the science. The “happy hormone”, also known as serotonin, is produced in the gut. Scientists therefore believe that if you can balance out the good bacteria in there, you can improve your mood tremendously.


Forget coffee, start with water and lemon

This is turning into something of a modern classic, particularly as sports stars such as Novak Djokovic swear by the routine. It’s understood that drinking warm water with lemon on a morning can kick start the digestion process and leave you set for the day. It’s one of the easiest health tips you’ll ever read and for most of us, we’ll probably quite enjoy the beverage as well.


Or, at least stick to tea

This is probably one of the more surprising ones on the list – but at least it’s a pleasant surprise for most of you. While there are always doubts about tea due to its minor caffeine content, recent research has shown that certain types of it can do wonders for the male body. Green tea is especially powerful and a study concluded that it improves memory and cognition, boosts your metabolism and lowers your blood pressure. Something else that it has also been credited with is relieving bad breath, which is quite a fact in itself!


Take care of your biggest organ

Most people might not realize it, but the skin is actually your biggest order. Unfortunately, a lot of us just don’t take appropriate care of it. It might be spending far too long under the sun in a bid to get that beach tan, or by simply relying on the wrong types of cosmetic problems. As such, you should look to either avoid the sun or apply high-factor sun lotion; while only apply cosmetics which are free of chemicals. Anything which contains sulfates will make it difficult for your skin to retain moisture, while they’ll also be very toxic.


Don the shades

We’ve just spoken about the sun, so it stands to reason that we’ll now move onto sunglasses. Our eyes are something else which can suffer from too many rays and by donning your shades, you can actually guard against skin cancer and cataracts amongst a whole host of other health problems. They don’t necessarily have to be the top brand, as long as they have 99-100% UV absorption you’ll be fine.


Be careful what you drink and eat from

We’re all told about the do’s and don’ts of eating and drinking. Fizzy drinks and fatty foods are off, while fruits and vegetables are most definitely on. Something which often flies under the radar is exactly how you are consuming these items though.

BPA has started to gather more and more traction in the media over recent times. This is a chemical that is used in the composition of a lot of food and drink cans. The problem is that there is a link between BPA and diabetes, cardiovascular problems and reproductive disorders. It means that you should avoid any foods that are contained in this packaging like the plague – and try and turn to ones that are stored in glass. If it has a recycle code of either 3 or 7 on the packaging, it’s likely to be BPA-based.


Always remember workout 101

As kids, we were all told the importance of warming up before a workout. As adults, we tend to forget this.

Not only does a workout help prevent injury, but it can also boost your level of performance. Particularly if you turn towards a dynamic workout and include plenty of movement, you’ll be surprised at just how much you start to get out of your gym sessions.


…but tap into modern ways of working out

Staying on the topic of working out, let’s take a look at one of the modern ways to get the absolute maximum out of your workout. High-intensity interval training (HITT) has been covered tremendously over the years, and it’s no surprise when you analyze the benefits. Experts believe that you will reap the same benefits as torturous endurance training, but in a fraction of the time. In other words, you’ll be benefiting your heart and reducing the risk of diabetes without nearly as much time on the clock.


Don’t forget your greens

We’ve lasted twelve tips before talking about diet, so forgive us for ending on a couple of food-related notes. We should all know the power of greens – it’s been something that’s drilled into us since our school days. The general rule is that the more greens on your plate the better, with research concluding that they can prevent cancer, help you lose weight and just make digestion easier. If you can’t get into the habit of preparing fresh vegetables, there are at least “green supplements” on the market which can provide the same effects but in capsule-form.


Fiber – the forgotten hero

Amongst the bodybuilders, protein is generally the hottest topic when it comes to food. Something which is often forgotten about is fiber, which is strange when it has been found to help us live longer and stay thinner. By forcing more of it into your diet, you should also have a much healthier digestive system, lower blood pressure and minimize the risks of contracting diseases such as diabetes.