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Switzerland (German: Schweiz - French: Suisse - Italian: Svizzera - Romansh: Svizra) is a country in Central Europe. The capital is Bern. The dominant religion is christianity (roman catholicism and protestantism). The official languages are German (Allemanian), French, Italian and Romansh. Switzerland has a population of around 7,3 million on 39,770 km². The country is a federal parliamentary democratic republic, divided in 26 cantons.

Freedom House rated the country on political rights with a 1 and on civil rights with a 1, both on a scale of 1 to 7 (in which 1 is the most free). Freedom House considers Switzerland to be a free country.
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Official name: Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft/Confédération Suisse/Confederazione Svizzera/Confederaziun Svizra (Swiss Confederation)

Political parties (including links) - A short history

Federal President: Samuel Schmid (2005)
The president is elected for a year term by the parliament out of the ministers. The government is formed by the SPS, FDP, SVP and CVP.

The Bundesversammlung/Assemblée fédérale/Asamblea Federale/Assemblea Federala (Federal Assembly) has two chambers. The Nationalrat/Conseil National/Consiglio Nazionale/Cussegl Naziunal (National Council) has 200 members, elected for a term of four year by proportional representation in multi-seat constituencies. The Ständerat/Conseil des Etats/Consiglio degli Stati/Cussegl dals Stadis (Council of States) has 46 members, elected for four years in 21 multi-seat and 5 single-seat constituencies which are equal to the 26 cantons and half-cantons.

Nationalrat and Ständerat: 19 october 2003 (%)
% 200 46

Schweizerische Volkspartei SVP 26.6 55 8
Sozialdemokratische Partei der Schweiz SPS 23.4 52 9
Freisinnig-Demokratische Partei der Schweiz FDP 17.3 36 14
Christlich-Demokratische Volkspartei der Schweiz CVP 14.4 28 15
Grüne Partei der Schweiz GPS 7.4 13 -
Liberale Partei der Schweiz LPS 2.2 4 -
Evangelische Volkspartei der Schweiz EVP 2.3 3 -
Eidgenössische Demokratische Union EDU 1.3 2 -
Schweizer Demokraten SD 1.0 1 -
Partei der Arbeit der Schweiz PdA 0.7 2 -
Lega dei Ticinese LdT 0.4 1 -
Solidarités Sol 0.5 1 -
Christlich-Soziale Partei CSP 0.4 1 -
Alternative Liste AL 0.5 1 -
- Sozialistisch Grüne Alternative Zug SGAZ 1
- Others
Freiheitspartei der Schweiz FPS 0.2 - -
Source: www.wahlen.ch/www.ch03.ch.

Main political parties:
Electoral alliance:
  • Alternative Liste (Alternative List)
  • Christlich-Demokratische Volkspartei der Schweiz/Parti Démocrate Chrétien Suisse/Partito Democratico-Cristiano Popolare Svizzero/Partida Cristiandemocratica dalla Svizra (Christian Democratic People's Party): christian-democratic party
  • Christlich-Soziale Partei/Parti Chrétien-Social/Partito Cristiano-Sociale (Christian Social Party): progressive christian-democratic party
  • Eidgenössische Demokratische Union/Union Démocratique Fédérale/Unione Democratica Federale (Federal Democratic Union): conservative party
  • Evangelische Volkspartei der Schweiz/Parti Évangelique Suisse/Partito Evangelico Svizzero (Protestant People's Party): conservative christian-democratic party
  • Freiheitspartei der Schweiz (Freedom Party of Switzerland): conservative party
  • Freisinnig-Demokratische Partei der Schweiz/Parti Radical-Démocratique Suisse/Partito Liberale-Radicale Svizzero (Freethinking-Democratic Party of Switzerland): liberal party
  • Grüne Partei der Schweiz/Parti Ecologiste Suisse/Partida Ecologica Svizra (Green Party of Switzerland): ecologist party
  • Lega dei Ticinese (League of Ticinesians): regionalist conservative party
  • Liberale Partei der Schweiz/Parti Libéral Suisse/Partito Liberale Svizzero (Liberal Party of Switzerland): liberal party
  • Schweizer Demokraten/Démocrates Suisses/Democratici Svizzeri (Swiss Democrats): xenophobic party
  • Schweizerische Volkspartei/Union Démocratique du Centre/Unione Democratica di Centro/Uniun Democratica dal Center (Swiss People's Party): conservative party
  • Sozialdemokratische Partei der Schweiz/Parti Socialiste Suisse/Partito Socialista Svizzero/Partida Socialista Svizra (Social-Democratic Party of Switzerland): social-democratic party
  • Sozialistisch Grüne Alternative Zug [Socialist Green Alternative of Zug]: local socialist party
  • Partei der Arbeit der Schweiz/Parti Suisse du Travail/Partito Svizzero del Lavoro (Swiss Labour Party): communist party
  • Solidarités (Solidarities): socialist party
  • Other parties on the net: [Resource: Les partis politiques en Suisse/Yahoo Deutschland]
  • Frauen macht Politik! (Women make Politics!)
  • Humanistische Partei (Humanist Party)
  • Katholische Volkspartei/Parti Chretien Conservateur/Partito Cristiano Conservatore (Catholic People's Party/Conservative Christian Party)
  • Partei National Orientierter Schweizer (Party of Nationally Orientated Swiss)
  • Partito Liberalsocialista Ticinese (Ticinese Liberal Socialist Party)
  • Sozialistische, alternative, demokratische Opposition (Socialist Alternative Democratic Opposition)