The Learnings You Can Pick up From The Election

To say that the recent election threw many would be an understatement; it transformed a lot of people’s way of thinking. While most may have been banking on one result, another came and swept us off our feet.

Something else that’s probably quite unexpected is the way that this post is heading. Many people completely disassociate politics and fitness but in our mind, at least in terms of the recent election, the two go completely hand-in-hand.

Before those eyebrows get any higher, let’s take a look at some of the lessons that you can take from the recent election – and how these can be incorporated into your fitness regime to supercharge your results.


Some things happen which are completely unexpected

There’s no doubt that the big buzzword from the election was “unexpected”. At every point, the doubters were out to insist that Donald Trump couldn’t win. In fact, cast your mind back five years or so and this is a guy who was fronting a reality show – the thought of a person of this mould becoming president didn’t even enter most people’s minds.

However, it happened. It happened despite everyone’s expectations. It’s for this reason that there was such shock at the outcome; people just didn’t think it would happen.

So, how does this link in with fitness? In simple terms, you have to expect the unexpected.

Let’s cast a few examples. You might be traveling away on business and suddenly discover that there isn’t going to be a gym that’s easily accessible. For most people, this would mean that their workout ceases to exist for the entire trip. Don’t fall into this category – this is something that shouldn’t happen, but it most definitely can. Therefore, arm yourself with a backup plan – make sure you have a bodyweight workout on hand so you can power away in your hotel room if you don’t have any alternative.

Here’s another example that you will have most probably encountered at least once. Again, it involves you traveling away, and this time the situation is when there are just no suitable food choices anywhere to be found. In other words, your best bet is a McDonald’s. Naturally, this isn’t going to do your fitness goals any good whatsoever – and this is where the elusive backup plan comes into play. In cases where this might arise, make sure you carry adequate supplies to keep you going. We’re referring to protein bars and other healthy snacks which can fill the void and mean that you don’t turn to junk food.

In summary, the lesson to takeaway is “what if”. Always make sure you budget for the worst case scenarios, and not be thrown by unexpected results.


Your support network is crucial

There has been a lot of furore about the President’s support team – the network of people he has enlisted to help him with his tenure. Such emphasis is completely understandable; after all, his lack of experience in politics means that he arguably requires a strong support network much more than his predecessors.

In short, without this network, the chance of it ending in tears is high.

The same rules apply to fitness. While professional athletes are only likely to have “official support networks” in the form of physiotherapists, coaches and so on – a support network for the amateur still exists.

We’re talking about family, friends and people who want to look after your best interests. These people who you associate yourself with on a constant basis need to share your views – they need to share your goals. If they are going against you, it means that your job of succeeding has just been made all the more harder.


Others will try (wittingly or not) to halt your progress

This final point leads on perfectly from the previous one – it’s related to your support network.

As we all know, politics is full of resistance – and there are occasions where this resistance comes from the most unlikely of sources.

This is going to be the same in your fitness regime as well. You might have to get up at the crack of dawn to ensure that you complete your workout, but at the same time this might result in opposition from the people closest to you.

You might get offered an extra spoon of desert and again, it’s up to you to say no to the people closest to you and potentially cause upset.

As you can see, a lot of these people aren’t trying to intentionally halt your progress. However, some of their actions can do this and you need to realize that you have the final decision over your actions – and you need to do what you know is right.